Friday, April 16, 2010

Pastor Sentenced for Rape of Teen

Earlier this year iSurf News reported on a story regarding former Branch Street Church of God in Christ Pastor Prince Wilbert Woolfolk. Apparently Woolfolk had been accused of raping an Owensboro teen. According to a Daviess County press release, Woolfolk was convicted of the crime and sentenced to 20-years in prison on Monday, April 12.

In 2008, Woolfolk was arrested and indicted for sexual assault and rape of an unnamed teenager. The actual crime was committed roughly 25 years ago. The actual accusation wasn’t made until 2007.

Woolfolk was serving as pastor at the Seventh Street Church of God in Owensboro when the crime was committed. In 2007, while he was pastor at the Branch Street Church of God in Christ in Madisonville, the mother of the 17-year-old victim filed a complaint with local judicial departments. Woolfolk stepped down from his position of Pastor in Madisonville shortly thereafter.

During the trial, testimonies led to the conclusion that Woolfolk had picked the teen up from an Owensboro high school to talk to her regarding her service in the church choir. It was during this time that the rape allegedly took place.

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